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Upper Eastside & Downtown

Santa Barbara’s main thoroughfare, State Street, is classified as the downtown area and divides the city into the East and West side. Scattered with historical theaters such as The Granada and The Arlington as well as endless shops, restaurants and bars, downtown Santa Barbara is its own city-lit microcosm in the still cozy and inviting town. Downtown preserves many of Santa Barbara’s original gems, including California’s first shopping center, El Paseo, built in 1920. State Street runs south directly toward the ocean and pier, and it stretches a hand to the Upper Eastside, where many residential neighborhoods enjoy the proximity to the downtown area. The Upper Eastside is considered to consist of the area east of State Street and above Valerio Street, and it is commonly known for its prestigious homes and the gentle pathway that makes it easy to walk to the surround downtown area. Many Upper Eastide homes enjoy panoramic mountain views and the proximity to well-established schools. Gently sloping toward the Santa Barbara Mission and neighboring Rose Garden, this community can easily find a walking destination within minutes of any beautifully designed residence.