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San Roque & Samarkand

Featuring older, custom homes, San Roque is a now lush, charming community that was once bounded by flat, barren landscape. Stabilized with homes that typically have expansive mountain views, the cushioned, curving roads branch off into an array of architecturally styled homes. Often seen as the token family neighborhood, San Roque nestles closely to another family-based real estate community, Samarkand. Persian for “the land of heart’s desire,” the area took on this name in the 1920s, after a deluxe Persian style hotel melted the name down to the bounded neighborhoods. With a somewhat circular, hilly and elevated landscape, Samarkand consists of the small area between De La Vina Street and Oak Park. Both San Roque and Samarkand homes are said to consist of luscious yards, nearby trails and neighboring schools. The small-based communities are centrally located within the city of Santa Barbara, making both great choices for a cozy feel without losing accessibility to eating, shopping and more.