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Famous for being home to names such as Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe and Al Pacino’s “Scarface” mansion, this luscious and intricate area has plenty to offer. From Bonnymede Shore, neighboring the majestic Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel and Coral Casino, to the luscious hiking trails amid sights like the San Ysidro Waterfalls, Montecito is luxurious real estate from ground to rooftop. With pockets of communities that have their own unique style and feel, many of Montecito’s vast homes and properties position themselves within loosely defined areas. Hedgerow, one of the more private communities, is conveniently located between the upper and lower villages in Montecito and is a great example of the range of real estate that one can find in town. Most of the homes were built in the early 1900s, ranging from a collection of different kinds of architectural styles and sizes. Embodying a secluded, yet community-based area, Montecito bodes well with schools, restaurants, shops and athletic clubs.