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Carpinteria & Summerland

These side-by-side, beachside communities spread southward of the Santa Barbara area. Summerland, historically said to have been classified as such in 1889 when Henry Williams purchased Ortega Ranch and set aside 100 acres for a town, sits about 6 miles from downtown Santa Barbara. True to its origin of size, Summerland is home to approximately 1500 residents and poses a laid-back, relaxed feel throughout its tiny, but lovely, hillside. Almost all homes swallow up gorgeous ocean views and are steps away from the beach, which snuggles in between the sands of Montecito and Carpinteria, the neighboring Southbound community. Carpinteria spreads across a larger area than Summerland, but mimics the relaxed, yet sophisticated environment. Decorated with beautiful beaches, parks and schools, Carpinteria packs in some of the most sought after sandy land, including Rincon Point, a world destination surfing area. Both Carpinteria and Summerland are a short drive away from Santa Barbara, and also include many of their own shops, restaurants and necessities.