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The Riviera

Serving as the link between two Santa Barbara canyons, the Riviera is the ridge full of coast-viewing slopes that overlooks the rest of the Santa Barbara area. Generally referred to in dual sections known as the Upper and Lower Riviera, both beacons are strewn with homes that happily soak up views. The premium area is often said to resemble Mediterranean coasts in Western Europe and typically climbs in both value and scenery the higher up the home sits. Alameda Padre Sierra, the long, winding street considered to be the line between the Upper and Lower Riviera, also displays astounding real estate that has a front row view without obstruction. The topography is lined with curving streets and roads, deeming the sector its own area separate from the surrounding realms below, though only a few minutes away. A somewhat newer precinct, the Riviera has been known by this name for the past 65 years and continues to be a desirable living area for many incoming residents.