Vacation All You Ever Wanted: Apps for Booking Your Next Trip

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on May 01, 2017

While Santa Barbara Real Estate certainly feels like a tropical vacation most times, the time can still strike for booking a trip out of town. Travel and host accommodations are more plentiful and, subsequently, more easily misjudged. Luckily, there are some helpful companions by way of mobile app to help make your life and planning easy, well-researched, and organized.


Skyscanner: This app partners with other travel companies in order to show you the cheapest flights for a given month as well as send you alerts when a price drops. Looking to go to a particular destination? Skyscanner can remember your preferences and let you know about great deals for flights, hotels, and rental cars in that area.


Hopper: With a claim to save you up to 40% on your next flight, this app prides itself on providing push notifications directly to your phone for the best deals on airfare. With a simplified user interface, Hopper ensure its customers can book a flight in 60 seconds or less, which can make that vacation more real than ever, quicker than ever.


Hotel Tonight: While this app is geared a bit more toward plans that have fallen through, this app still allows you to find great deals for housing accommodations.  at the last minute. Whether your flight is delayed or just decide to come back to Santa Barbara a day later, Hotel Tonight features empty rooms proximal to your location. With a claim that rooms can be booked in under ten seconds, this app is user friendly and fully equipped with 24/7 support.

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Citymapper: Jet setting to New York City? Skipping across to the United Kingdom? Citymapper is a great app when it comes to actually getting around while on your vacation. It connects with a few ride-sharing services, offers the fastest way to arrive at your destination, and best of all, you can check out subway and train times offline for a number of cities. You can subscribe to specific train or bus lines, and the app can even alert you when you need to get off.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson