Make Your Yard Beautiful and Drought-Friendly

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on August 09, 2016

Beautiful and drought-friendly don’t have to be two mutually exclusive descriptors when it comes to your yard. California residents have been pressured (for good reason) to water less, conserve more and settle for an environmentally friendly, yet brown and dull outdoor area.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are plenty of options when it comes to saving both water and the aesthetics of your yard.

succulent yard

Succulent Garden: One of the most devastating aspects of letting your yard go is watching your beautiful, labor-intensive plants and flowers droop and die. Not only are succulents a way in which your yard displays plant life and eye-appealing accessories, but they are also low-maintenance and require little to no water in order to survive.

Stone Yard

Stone and Rock Base: A common decorative component for desert and other thirsty yards, laying the base of your outdoor space with stones and rocks is a great alternative to grass. You can create a medley of color or stick to simple tones like white or gray. A yard with a base of stones and/or rocks also requires zero water, so once you’ve laid the ground work, you’re all set!

Synthetic Grass Yard

Synthetic Grass: While this is a little bit less environmentally friendly, synthetic grass certainly bodes well for diminishing water use. If you’re looking for the fenced in, eye-catching grassy area, this is the choice for you. Your yard will appear manicured, bright and healthy without any major upkeep. Make sure you do your research for materials used when implementing this option, however, as the least expensive may not be what you’d like your yard to be made of!

Patio Yard

Build a deck or patio: Depending on the layout of your yard, a patio or deck may be a great drought-friendly option. Slabs of pavement or wood can outsource your yard and transform it into an inviting sitting, eating and conversational area. This is an investment, as you may need to remove certain parts of your yard before beginning the build or implementation of a patio or deck.

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Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson