Spring has Sprung: Seasonal Flowers for your Home

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on May 01, 2017

The vernal equinox has passed, which means that Spring is officially here, and Santa Barbara homes have the opportunity to be surrounded by and decorated with beautiful flowers. Whether it’s your garden or tabletop centerpiece, here are some of the flowers you can expect to see and use during the Spring to add to your humble home.


Daffodil: This white, attractive flower blooms in early Spring, and it can stand all on its own in a simple vase, or be interspersed with colorful counterparts, such as tulips. Add a few stems of baby’s breath for another clean arrangement for daytime parties, and it will instantly turn your home into a Springtime soiree.


Scilla: This beautiful flower makes for a great garden image, and it can catch the eyes of your visitors by itself or next to any other arrangement of Spring plants. Grow it in a large bunch, or take in its distinct smell as you pass it by. This flower can healthily last for months with little care, so it’s a great choice for planting in bulk.


Tulip: This familiar flower is a Spring favorite. Surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored tulips or place a few around your Santa Barbara home. Many farmer’s markets will begin to put out this flower as early as March, so enjoy the harvest while you can, and don’t be afraid to mix and match!


Muscari: Almost congruent to a bunch of grapes, this unique flower blossoms in most climates during the Spring and adds color to any household. Line your green grass with this ground-hugging flower that can often be seen in yards near daffodils and tulips.

Open your doors to Spring, and lace your home or garden with any of these flowers to help feel the change in season!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson