Five Simple Ways to Update Your Home Storage

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on August 09, 2016

Whether it’s our closet, garage or the small space under the bed, managing storage within our home is a difficult feat. It’s a necessary component of holding on to things that are used infrequently, but it can often become a battle of disguising the bulk. Here are a few simple tips to transform your home storage:

Start with the Refrigerator: It may seem like the last place for storage, but the fridge is actually one of the places where lists, papers and mail gets strewn about messily. Use one clipboard to compile what’s needed, and keep it neatly hung nearby.

coat storage

Designate the entryway thoughtfully: The first thing someone sees when coming into your home are jackets, umbrellas and shoes strewn everywhere. Give atheistic justice to your coat closet by using cubbies and/or baskets for shoes, hooks for umbrellas and singular, matching hangers to keep coats from bunching and crumpling.

drawer storage

Segregate the small stuff: Drawers can often become a culprit of disorganized clutter. Keep drawers and cabinets from being a black hole for storage by segregating what you actually need. Use tins, bins, jars and drawer dividers to stay organized. This keeps things easily accessible and visually appealing.

Storage Bins

Declutter first; contain second: Oftentimes we are fed up with the way our storage looks, so we quickly buy the cutest bins and boxes we can find and then work toward putting all of our stuff in them. Reverse this order. Go through your shoes, your dishes and your clothes; get rid of what you don’t need and then you can find the right size and number of storage solutions for shelves and closets.


Control your Cords: Beyond the larger storage areas, the area around them matters too. Don’t let loose cords overwhelm the living area or the bedroom walls. Use a wire organizer or even create your own with a black foam board in order to keep things clean and clear.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson