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Four Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on March 04, 2016

While the term “season” is a bit of a stretch when describing the state of being for a Southern California city, there are still enough associations made with each to feel the transition from Fall to Winter to Spring to Summer.

The weather might only fluctuate a few degrees here and there, but the way we live, feel and dress certainly coincides with seasonal timelines. As the short-lived Winter draws to a close, one of the best ways to transition into Springtime is through a few small changes to your living space.

Keep it fresh. You don’t have to overdo it, but migrating your home from a cozy, Wintertime burrow to an open, blossoming Spring sanctuary means fresh flowers. Choose lighter colored or clear vases and display cool tones such as peach, lilac and kelly green. Keep your garden alive and your tabletops fresh.


Fluff it up. One of the biggest distinctions between seasons is how much time we spend in certain living areas. Time to fold up the blankets and fluff up those extra decorative pillows. Add some light colored throw pillows to your couch and make sure your patio furniture isn’t full of leaves and stains. Make sure any lounge chairs and outdoor seating is equipped with enough fluff – it’s Springtime after all!

Restock the fridge. Time to throw out that hibernation mentality and brighten up your food selection. Not only can you welcome the Spring season with assets like honeydew, pineapple and strawberries, but you can also line your shelves with seasonal greens like asparagus, swiss chard and green beans. Put a bowl of limes and oranges on the table, and keep your refrigerator from slipping back into past-season habits.


Let the air in. Doors, windows and other openings are often sealed shut during the Winter months, so what better way to invite Spring into your home than to open everything up? Let the settled dust out, and let the fresh air in. Allow the outdoor scents to fill you home and enjoy a brighter natural lighting system that can even save you some electricity output!

Seasons change, and while your home is your own make and mold, it can be the perfect place to showcase the first signs of Spring!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson