Santa Barbara’s Most Dog-Friendly Places

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on May 01, 2017

Having a home in Santa Barbara means you’re sandwiched between the ocean and the mountains in a beautiful community with plenty to do. What about your cuddly companions though? Santa Barbara has restaurants, wineries, and beaches that make it easy to enjoy dog-friendly atmospheres.

Hendry’s Beach. Nestled between the Douglas Preserve and the very popular Boathouse restaurant, this beach, also known as Arroyo Burro, can be found laden with furry friends any day of the week. An off-leash paradise, this stretch of sand can be walked without restraint, as there is a convenient bathing station for the explorative pooch located right in the parking lot!

Figueroa Mountain. Santa Barbara’s self-titled “Funk Zone” is full of wineries, breweries, and a mix of both within just a few blocks of one another. The indoor-outdoor balance is plentiful, and one such mixture is the popular stop, Figueroa Mountain. With picnic tables sprawled on the outdoor patio, dogs are found grabbing a shady spot to people watch and catch the eyes (and hands) of friendly strangers.

Scarlett Begonia. This downtown dining spot has a scattered patio area with a menu that brings southern comfort to Southern California. Your pooch will love the dog-friendly service, especially the biscuits brought directly to your table.

Loose Pooch. While Santa Barbara Real Estate means having a plethora of activities to explore with your pet at any given time, there may be certain days or times where you need to pass the leash. Drop your dog at this pet playground full of friendly staff and fellow canine friends, and conveniently select either a half-day or full-day of service.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson