Rainy Day Resistance: Keep Your Home Safe from Water Damage

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on March 17, 2017

Damage caused by damp on a wall in modern house

Santa Barbara has seen some record rainfall at the start of the year, which is fantastic for the dry land, but a little less friendly for your home. From muddy shoes to leaks to water logged wooden floors, the possibilities for damage are plentiful. No need to feel divided when it comes to loving or hating the rainfall. Here are some ways to protect your home from water damage.

Man cleaning the gutter

Clean your gutters. This old-school chore is worth it when it comes to water damage. Leaving foliage jammed in your gutters can cause a leaky roof when a hard rainfall occurs, which can damage the interior and exterior of your home. Maintain your gutters through the fall and winter months, which isn’t too tedious in beautiful Santa Barbara!

Masons smooths mortar joint in chimney.

Get your chimney checked. Ready to cozy up by the fire for a change? Before you do, make sure you get your chimney checked. Cracks on these often older structures can lead to leaks and the water that seeps in cause water damage within the chimney and as far as the walls and floor surrounding it.

Flood defences

Store some sand bags. While truly heavy rainfall is seldom is Santa Barbara, it’s proven to occur, and having a few sand bags in the garage or backyard are worthwhile. Use these to place in front of and around the seals of doors and windows to ensure that water doesn’t sneak in and cause damage to your walls and floors.

splashing raindrops

Insure your home. Home insurance is often a given, but what does your policy entail? You can opt-in for broader occurrences such as water damage, which also can come from home appliances like dishwashers, or more specific issues, such as floor insurance, which covers, well, your floors. It’s worthwhile to take a look at your home insurance before seasonal impacts happen, but it’s never too early to get prepared!


Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson