Homey Halloween Tips

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on October 04, 2016

The end of the year is looming nearer and nearer, and it really sinks in when you see the Halloween decor, costumes and advertisements everywhere.

Decorating your home for a festive holiday is a great way to showcase your spirit, but it can also take away from the overall disposition of your humble abode.

Here are some tips for decorating for Halloween without losing your home allure:

Less is more. Try to take an either/or approach. Instead of hanging things up and placing them on each table, choose one or the other. Instead of putting out both installments of the witch, ghost or pumpkin centerpiece, pick one. This way you don’t cover up and still get to remain festive!


Light it up. Candles are a great way to decorate your home in general, and Halloween certainly warrants this use. Highlight decorative hangings or carvings with real or faux flames. You can use associated colors such as purple, black and orange to coincide with candle wax or holders without the decorations coming off as gaudy.lamp-halloween-lantern-pumpkin


Don’t forget your roots. Humble beginnings are always a charming way to decorate. Have a handmade craft from the kids? Put it out. Showcase it without surrounding it with dozens of little pumpkins or other decorations. Halloween has a lot of options, but utilizing heartfelt items works well for any occasion.pumpkins-469641_640

Outdoors isn’t off limits!
Your home is often connotative with the inside of your house. You can get away with your decor remaining the same throughout Halloween simply by decorating the outside of it. Hang festive witches, line the walkway with candles or even put out some larger pieces such as statues! This is the place where you can get away with a little bit more.halloween-photo-9779

Use what you have.
Do you normally have little dishes of sweets or snacks out? Replace them with Halloween goodies like candy corn (even if you don’t like it!) Always keep your dining room table set? Use some fall colors, such as amber, brown and cream to decorate with a few pumpkin pieces in or near the fruit bowl that’s always out!halloween-candy-1014629_640


Halloween is a fun time to showcase your spirit, get your family involved and turn your home into a humble haven full of decor. Keep your the homeliness in tact and enjoy it!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson