Holiday Gifts for Your Home

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on November 30, 2016

The Holiday season has snuck up once again, and there is no greater reminder than your gifting list. Deciding what to get someone can be an ordeal, and it takes time, planning and consideration. There is another deserving recipient this season too – your home! The end of the year is a perfect time to spruce up your interior with simple additions, and some ideas may even spill over as great gifts for your loved ones as well! Check out these affordable holiday gifts for your home.

1. A table runner. ‘Tis the season of dinner parties, centerpieces and table decor, so what better time than to invest in a new table runner? While it may not seem like a home necessity, it adds just enough to your dining room look. Go simple with a solid, neutral color or go festive with a little sparkle, design or embroidery. You can typically find a table runner anywhere from $20-$50 while ensuring that it’s still of acceptable quality.

holiday table runner

2. Bath towels. The best way to complement a warm bath or shower in the wintertime is by wrapping yourself up in plush, cushy towels afterward. The holiday season is perfect for indulging in a new color or make of towels. You can go bright or bold with shades of red, gray or yellow depending on your vanity and cabinet look. Towels can range from as little as $12 per piece to a set starting at $45. Be careful when opting for a lower price, as this can be indicative of quick wear and tear. *Bonus gift idea: embroidered towels are great for new couples, new home owners or even family members!

holiday bath towels

3. Glassware. Your cup runneth over during this giving holiday season, so why not make it look the way you love? From stemless wine glasses to crystal tumblers, every home deserves glasses that you enjoy. Hosting for the holidays? There are beautiful red options, engraved glasses and large sets to serve all of your guests. Not only does glassware check all the boxes for your own home, but it is also an easy choice for gifting. Many people even use this as a display decor rather than a functional piece, so there is a lot of wiggle room. Expect a set of four glasses to range anywhere from $30-$80 depending on the make and quality.


4. Standing house plants. While this may not strike as a typical home piece, standing plants within your house can truly change an entire room. Placed near an entryway, the kitchen or a hallway, these are a great pop of color. Mix and match the pot to fit your needs; from festive to subtle, there are plenty of options that can embody most builds. This makes for an excellent home addition to your own place, but it can be a pretty personal buy for another depending on their humble abode. Make sure you know the person and place you’re buying for if you choose to give this option this holiday season. Medium to large standing plants (both faux and real) can range from $60-$140.

standing plant

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson