Fall into Comfort: Ways to Welcome Fall in Santa Barbara

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on November 30, 2016

While the weather may not seem like fall is arriving soon, the seasonal clock is ticking, and the inevitable shift is here. Sweaters, colored leaves and pumpkins may not be ever-present in Santa Barbara just yet, there are still plenty of ways to welcome Autumn in while the sun is still shining. Here are some great, subtle ways to shift gears.

Fall Leaf

Tone down your beach remnants. There are no rules against getting your toes sandy past August, but leaving beach towels, buckets and ocean-laden flip flops around the house is an easy way to deny the fall season. Pick up the fluff, sweep up the sand and keep your home from collecting its own beach!

Decorate your table. There doesn’t have to be a fullfall table Thanksgiving spread, but it is totally acceptable to fill your bowls with squash and pumpkins rather than out-of-season fruits. Allow more toned down colors to compliment the edibles with place settings that have more reds, browns and beiges.

Take evening walks. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to enjoy walking along all year round, but walking in the evening time starts to shed lifall walkght on the actual presence of Fall. The evenings are cooler, it gets darker sooner and even the flowers you smell are a bit different. Acclimate yourself – it only takes a few steps!

Carb load. Fine – you don’t necessarily need to stuff your face full of carbohydrates, but baking bread-based goodies is a fun way to welcome the fall in. Spices like gingerbread and pumpkin can fall foodcompliment loaves, cakes, rolls and more. Your kitchen will smell delicious, and your recipients will enjoy the worthwhile tasty treats!

Transitioning from season to season can be tough – especially when we’re leaving summer behind, but Santa Barbara is a great place to take in the changes slowly and on your terms. Take it one day at a time, start with the above fall features and enjoy the coming months!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson