From Drab to Designer: How to Update the Furniture you Already Have

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on November 30, 2016

Redecorating can be almost as daunting as remodeling, but finding ways to transform your furniture into something you want can take care of both tasks. From couches to tables to an overall color scheme, chances are you can replenish your furniture without needing to replace it. Here are some great ways to update or change some major pieces in your home.

reupholstered furniture

Reupholster: Whether you’re a DIY guru or are comfortable outsourcing to a professional, reupholstering furniture with new fabric is a great way to change colors and overall look. Choose furniture that is framed with sturdy wood, and make sure you are picking fabric that will last you – the last thing you want is to finish the process and have it only last a short amount of time! Feel free to update your pillows, blankets or other subsequent decor with your new fabric, too!

white wash furniture

White wash: Many homes, especially those with a lot of glass windows and doors, fit well with a more rustic decor. White washing furniture, indoor or outdoor, is a great alternative to buying all new stuff. Using a chemical stripper, you can remove old sealant, wash and sand the furniture and then apply a store-bought or home-concocted white wash. Tables, dressers and even patio furniture can present a brand new feel with this simple touch. Add some touches with colorful flowers, and you have a brand new place!


painted furniture

Paint: While this method needs to be researched depending on the make and surface of your furniture, paint can update almost any piece of furniture. From actual fabric to wood and laminate surfaces, paint can truly transform your home. It isn’t just for walls anymore; stripping your furniture’s current finish is possible for almost any type, and adding a new and different color is a great update. While this is something that can be done at home, depending on the type and amount of furniture, this may also be a method you want to look to a professional toward. Match everything in one color, speckle different pieces with a pastel palette or go from dark to light (or vice versa) with this furniture fix!

declutter furniture

Declutter: What? Yes, updating your furniture can simply mean highlighting it. Have too many end tables? A chair that sits in the corner? Endless pillows, magazines and large decorations covering up all of your surfaces? Sometimes transforming your furniture can be as easy as making it stand out. Try asking yourself how often certain pieces of furniture are actually used. Letting go of pieces you may have previously considered essential can both open up your living space as well as make it seem like a whole new area.

However your home looks in your imagination, don’t let buying all new furniture be an obstacle. You may have all the answers right in front of your eyes already!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson