Dark Brown Couches at its Brightest: The Right Accent Colors that Lighten any Room

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on September 14, 2016

Whether you inherited a piece of comfortable furniture, moved from light carpets to dark wood floors or simply fell in love with a beautiful dark brown couch, you may find yourself feeling trapped by the looming shade. Have no fear, dark brown couches do not mean you have a dark brown home. There are plenty of ways to accent these cozy cushions while still creating a light and airy atmosphere. The most important compliment? Accent colors. Try some of these combinations with your dark brown couch to add a brighter feel to your living space.

salmon dark brown

Salmon. This pinkish shade sits great atop a dark brown coat, be it leather, fabric or suade. Not only does it do wonders with the brown, but it also meshes well with white, which can lighten up the room with a coffee table, decor and accent seating. Use salmon to serve as a flower color as well as a pillow, blanket and side table option.

yellow dark brown

Blue and Yellow. Not only do these color individually give a nice pop to your dark brown couch, but they also compliment one another in a manner that gives a very bright feel to your entire living space. Use royal or navy alongside some butterscotch or golden shades in order to get your best match. Decorative pillows, curtains and area rugs are great ways to utilize these two colors with your central piece of furniture in order to pull out the brighter areas.

dark brown with white

White. As mentioned earlier, white can easily compliment other shades and colors, but it can also add a modern touch to your dark brown couch as a room-brightening tool. Drape textured blankets, hang light curtains and use smaller, white furniture to sit next to the sofa. From side tables to entertainment sets, white washed wood, acrylic white and even smooth marble furniture adds a light and bright feel to your living space.

lightbrown dark brown

Light Brown.
While brown on brown may seem dark in terms of decor, light brown can really lighten up your darker furniture. Using accent decorative pillows, chairs and even light wood furniture, the room can brighten up instantly. Beige is a great way to deviate only slightly from brown as well, giving a rustic, yet light aroma to the living space.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson