Your Coolest Summer Vacation Getaways

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on August 15, 2017

Santa Barbara residents have an all-season pass to comfortable and enjoyable weather, but sometimes the temperatures can bend just enough to make us want to take a climate break. With the recent heat waves, your next summer vacation might be best spent with a few days of cooler temperatures (cooler does not mean cold)! Here are a few places your summer vacation can be spent without sweating through the heat!


Denali, Alaska: Alaska is considered to have cooler climates in general, but Denali, specifically, dazzles with temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s in the day time and 50s/40s at nighttime. While you certainly won’t be in need of snow gear, the beautiful Denali National Park has visions of snow capped mountains, crystal clear water and complimentary green, tall trees. Explore your way through hiking trails, water ventures and more with this summer getaway option.

san fran

San Francisco: Cornered by a beautiful bay and steep climbs, this Northern California city can have deceiving weather. Sunshine doesn’t measure the winds that factor into everyday temperatures, and in the summer, it’s common to have high 60s to mid 70s throughout the day, while temperatures can drop into the 50s at night. Alive and full of tourist attractions such as Alcatraz Island, the city has endless amounts of summer fun, food and night life to enjoy for everyone.

nova scotia

Nova Scotia: Highs during summers in Nova Scotia barely break the low 70s, and the seafood, friendly locals and inviting beaches provide plenty of reason for putting it on the itinerary. While the water may bite you a bit, the cold water temperatures are perfect for fishing and serve up some of the best and freshest meals you can imagine. As a bonus, the fishing villages are easy to wander around and get lost amid the jovial atmosphere.

yellowstoneYellowstone: Amply equipped with mountains and rivers, Yellowstone is an easy go-to for a summer vacation. The bonus? You won’t be uncomfortably warm or cool. With temperatures rarely breaking the mid 70s during the day, it’s easy to see why Wyoming is one of the most popular seasonal choices. Yellowstone National Park, reaching across both Wyoming and Montana, has a plethora of terrain to explore, and just outside of the park are plenty of relaxing and enjoyable hot springs.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson