The Best U.S. Cities to Visit in August

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on August 09, 2016

As summer dwindles down, the latter part of the season may very well become the last opportunity for some time to take a vacation, big or small. If you just want to get out, whether it’s with friends or family, these U.S. cities have quite a bit to offer during the month of August.

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New England: With lush, greenery encompassing these select states, New England is August is a beautiful place to visit. Whether you want to sit out by the quiet lakes or trek through the Freedom Trail and city lights, New England is a perfect choice for your late-summer trip.

Steamboat Springs: This Colorado destination isn’t just for snow sports during Winter Time. Enjoy scenic waterfalls, river rafting and beautiful, seasonal flowers. There are also great trails for hiking and backpacking, depending on your vacation wants and needs!


Adirondacks: An alternative to busy, tourist-heavy places, the Adirondacks is a remote, secluded destination on the East Coast laden with water, cabins and relaxation. Unplug from the world and see a new part of New York.


Golden Coast: Looking to get a bit of everything? Hop in (or rent) a car and hit the head and toes of California. From beaches to aquariums to forests, this vacation has it all. August is a wonderful (and affordable) time of year to stop off at Big Sur, Monterey and the Redland Forest. Great for spending quality time and mixing up the itinerary, the Golden Coast option is always a promising one.

beach in August

Maui: Rich with sunshine and endless beaches, this Hawaiian Island is certainly a top choice for August travelers. While still a peak time for visiting, meaning the trip may be a bit pricey, the weather averages in the 80s, with long, sunny days. In addition to sandy relaxation, Maui also offers a variety of hiking, volcanic treks and backpacking tours.

Indy in August

Indianapolis: Another affordable summer option, this capital city has a ton to do. Family friendly, Indianapolis in August is full of festivals, outdoor music and lots of exciting nightlife. The Children’s Museum is a top spot to visit, and August is a great time to soak up some of those sights before school starts! If you’re lucky, you can catch a derby race too!

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson