Backyard BBQ: How to Throw Your Best One Yet

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on May 24, 2017

Spring has officially sprung, and summer is looming right around the corner as well. As the days stay warmer and lighter for longer periods of time, there’s a perfect way to soak it all up: barbecue! Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon sit-down, or an after-work gathering, hosting a BBQ for family or friends is almost inevitable in the upcoming months. From a couple extra guests to an overflow soiree, here are your best backyard BBQ tips:

outdoor seating bbq

Provide seating. This may seem like an obvious protocol, but BBQs often consist of ample room for food display, a few chairs and a table, and a lot of standing room only. While some of your guests may prefer to stay on their feet throughout their visit, it’s a good idea to keep a stack of matching folding chairs on hand that can line the main standing area. If you have patio furniture that will suffice for your party, just make sure it’s clean and void of any unwelcome bugs beforehand!


Time it right: We know that the weather and season are on point for your BBQ, but how about your meal planning? Providing too many appetizers and munchies for an extended period of time can sometimes lure your guests away from the main eats. Try to find a balance between adhering to hunger ahead of time, while also being timely with the delivery of grilled items so that everyone can taste a bit of everything.


Be considerate: There are a lot of extra pieces to people’s diets today – gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian…the list goes on. While each person will likely be prepared for his or her own meal intake when eating out, it’s always nice to have an option or two for guests who may not want or feel the need to mention dietary restrictions. Having an appetizer and even a more hearty option that doesn’t involve meat, dairy, or gluten is a nice surprise. You can keep it simple with a veggie tray or dress it up with something like grilled portobello mushrooms.


Show off! Show off your garden, your grill master skills, your home, and your hosting abilities. Worry less about making a mess and more about providing an atmosphere that makes you happy. Chances are your guests will feed (literally) off of that as well. Barbecues are able to be stretched through long hours, so don’t hold back from making all of your favorite dishes! Most grilling still allows for social interaction, so why not go all out?

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson