April Showers Bring Spring Babies: Preparing Your Nursery

Kyle Richardson

by Kyle Richardson

on May 01, 2017

Whether it’s your first bun in the oven, or a new addition to the already large family, preparing your home for a newborn can seem intimidating. Many families decide to purchase a larger or more conducive home before the new arrival, and many choose to simply rearrange the house they already reside in. Regardless, your humble abode will have a new resident before you know it, and having your nursery prepared can alleviate a lot of stress and pressure. Here are some simple steps to get in order before the delivery date.

nursery painting

1. Color. Paint, wallpaper, trim, or more. Choose a primary color for the walls of the nursery and take care of it sooner rather than later. Not only does this allow for more time to get furniture and decorations in place, but it also gives you ample time to adjust to the color and general feel of the room.

build nursery

2. Build. The only thing worse than putting together furniture with what seems like a million pieces is doing so under the pressure of time. Allow ample opportunity for assembling (and possibly reassembling) cribs, bookshelves, or other necessary items. You’re less likely to fidget with everything after your new arrival if you have the availability to look at it and adjust ahead of time.


3. Proof. In addition to making your nursery cute and homey, you also want to make it, and the rest of the house, safe. While baby-proofing can get a bit over-the-top depending on your resources, there are certain things that will help your newborn adjust as he or she gets older. Add some corner protectors to sharp furniture, some child-safe locks for cabinets that can swing open, and make sure the other pets and kids in the house won’t be able to easily jump up or crash into the nursery occupant.


4. Place. Put away the clothes, toys, and goodies that you have as hand-me-downs, shower gifts, or impulse buys. Use baskets, cubbies, and other accessories to finish up the nursery in order to make it feel ready. Simply having everything in place and easily accessible can reduce the stress of bringing a newborn home.

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson